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8 Effective Foods to Fight High Cholesterol

The indexes worldwide do not lie: more and more people with obesity and high numbers in values related to cholesterol. Fast food, lack of exercise and bad habits in general are the main enemies, but some foods could help you fight high cholesterol.

Worldwide concern for this issue grows almost as much as the statistics of those affected, which is why Harvard Medical School presented a list of the eight most effective cholesterol-lowering foods. In we introduce you to these health allies.

Foods to Fight High Cholesterol

  1. The oats for no one is a secret its multiple health benefits, regulating intestinal transit and decreasing the rate of plasma cholesterol. It is best to consume it naturally or in a drink with milk and a touch of cinnamon. Avoid commercial preparations whose effectiveness is not the same.
  2. Those who suffer from high cholesterol can consider consuming Rhodiola Rosea natural herb supplements to reduce the risk of developing heart ailments. This supplement helps in reducing the bad cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy.
  3. Vegetables not only contribute a lot of vitamins to our body, they also protect our heart against cholesterol, the best way to eat them, steamed, boiled, grilled or grilled cooked with a little olive oil.
  4. Fruits like apple, grapes and citrus provide vitamins and fiber that helps delay intestinal absorption of fats, which translates to lower cholesterol in our blood.
  5. Dried fruit, a portion of the size of a fist daily is highly beneficial to the heart because of its fatty acid content.
  6. Olive oil, the great companion of the Mediterranean diet never leaves us bad stops, because it contains vitamin E and different cardio protectors compounds that will help you get rid of the bad cholesterol.
  7. Soy, whether in seeds, oil or dairy products, is always a great ally in the diet, promoting the reduction of serum cholesterol.
  8. High omega 3 fish, such as salmon or trout, are also great protectors of our heart, fighting not only high cholesterol but high blood pressure, so including them in our diet will allow us to stay healthy with little effort.