A Pellucid Picture of Post Cycle Therapy – PCT

People who take steroids is required outright to take the PCT. By avoiding cold turkey, various short bodybuilders perform them and lose all the gains of the cycle. Outside of them, it sometimes happens that they become weaker and smaller than those used to be before. And also inflict a terrible gynecomastia disease that can last a lifetime coming off steroids with a PCT cycle.

A lot of water dripped from the body. This is due to the fact that when each cycle ends, cortisol levels in the peak body and so do the levels of estrogen. The muscle weight gained during the cycle evaporates almost or completely without adjusting relationships, training, diet and cardio. Increased acne, depression and gynecomastia can also occur without intervention. Regarding PCT is always done regardless of the compound of use and length. For reasons of size and accessibility, certain types of adjustments. But all SERM time and AIS used.

Post Cycle Therapy - PCT


PCT generally comprises 1-2 aromatase inhibitors (AIS) and a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). Its functions and levels vary according to personal needs and will require additional research needs and availability.


Has been perceived by most coaches during the PCT, long-term training sessions do not lead to success. The intensity must be constant, despite a decrease in weight or weight, is used in exercises. If you use less weight in this situation should have less rest time between sets, so any loss of intensity can be compensated. Overtraining suddenly becomes a major concern.

Cardiovascular work

In order to avoid that the level of fat in the body to increase to a large extent, it is necessary that bodybuilders always continue cardiovascular.


It is necessary to increase the number of calories in the 600-1000 per day. This can lead to an increase in body fat. But to keep the muscle newly added, it is very necessary. People often ignore the parameter in the diet, which causes the loss of a large number of muscles, for no good reason.

Finally, it is always best to have a blood work after a cycle. A group of liver enzymes, hemoglobin, testosterone levels and other lists to follow if good health is maintained while “trick” with natural levels of the body coming off steroids with a PCT cycle.

If you have never suffered from gynecomastia and want to let the natural levels of testosterone in your body return after a cycle, Clomid is the best option. If you are in the majority, and you are afraid or suffer from gynecomastia, and if you are addicted to synthetic testosterone, you will find Nolvadex is your best option. Most people do not have unlimited access to steroids and will have to use what is available to them. Use the information above to make the best choice when selecting a SERM, and always remember to consider their specific needs, which is “generally accepted” by most.

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