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Advantages of Removing Body Hair with Laser Treatment

Laser treatment for hair removal is effective for removing hair on both small and large areas. The procedure will make your skin smoother because there is no more hair. Some people undergo laser hair removal treatment to remove hair from the armpit to avoid body odor. It is necessary to undergo at least 3 or more sessions to achieve the result you want. It is suitable for people with dark and light skin. If your hair is white/gray, the treatment may not respond well.

Laser treatment for hair removal is suitable for people who have too much hair in certain part of the body that it makes them feel self conscious. Sometimes, the area of the skin can get so hairy that you have problem wearing clothes. It is the best alternative to other methods like electrolysis and bleaching.

Removing Body Hair with Laser Treatment

People with dark hair and light skin tend to be more responsive to the laser hair removal. Dark hairs can easily absorb a large amount of laser light. the leaser beam is absorbed by a certain number of hair follicles. The laser treatment that you receive will depend on factors like age, hormone and ethnicity. Permanent reduction of hair growth can help you to save a significant amount of time and money.

It is very safe to perform the procedure no matter which part of the skin area requires hair removal treatment. You can safely carry out the laser hair removal treatment on the face. Most of the time, the doctor will let you wear a protective eye cover to protect your eyes from the laser if you want to remove excess hair on the face.

The doctor will apply a later if cold gel to soothe your skin before beginning the treatment. During the treatment, the hair’s length will be trimmed. The doctor will first carry out a test laser treatment on the area to see if you will suffer from any negative side effect. If you passed the test successfully, the doctor will begin the treatment to disable the hair follicles. You may experience some discomforts after the laser hair removal treatments. The doctor may provide cold packs and creams to help you to quickly recover from the minor side effects.

One of the most popular hair removal laser treatment is gold Yag laser treatment. The gold Yag laser treatment uses a highers laser wavelength compared to others. It is FDA approved and safe to be used on individuals that have tanned skin. It is also suitable to be applied to other types of skin. It is very important that you carry out a research and only undergo the hair removal laser treatment at an established clinic.

Another type of laser treatment is the Elase Plus laser hair removal treatment. Elase Plus is equipped with a powerful Diode laser to destroy hair growth that is in the active stage. It is suitable for all skin types and hair colors just like gold Yag laser treatment. Normally, you have to undergo six treatments of the Elase Plus laser hair removal treatments.