Best Steroids to Boost Your Muscle Mass

The anabolic steroid has been developed over so many years. Turn back in 1849, Berthold, a scientist, made a research about testicle of cockerels and found that it is a vital sexual organ of a man. Then in 1920 and 1930 during the World War II, another scientist named Butenandt, Hanisch, and Ruzicka, made a research about testosterone which is become the first anabolic steroids. Later on, it starts to be released by mass production in 1948 and 1954 by top pharmaceutical companies.

Steroids use all around the worlds

The first use of the steroid in the weightlifting competition starts in 1954 in Austria. Soviet made an advance research during that time, beat the others countries. People start to learn, copy, and try to use steroid it for competitions. Olympic Council ever banned the use of steroid in the Olympic 1967 which followed by other sport organizations and most of countries all around the world at that time.

Nowadays, the demand of steroid drugs is increasing, not only for bodybuilders and weightlifters, but also for athletes, and even common people. People use to burn fat and increase muscle mass to get a perfect body shape. A combination of dietary and routine exercise with steroid made a good way for a maximum impact.

Steroids to Boost Your Muscle Mass

Recommended steroids for a perfect shape

If you are at the stage to dry your muscle, then Stanozolol is a perfect option. It is available in oral and injectable form. The preference period of usage should be limited up to 6 weeks. For mass gain purposes, you may use only a small dose which combined with other steroids

On another purpose, such as you want to burn fat, increase your muscle mass, and enhance your strength, then you could choose Testosterone Enanthate. It gives a rapid effect on your muscle fiber outgrowth.

In the case of low level of testosterone hormone, where you feel lack of sexual appetite, less driven, losing your strength, then you might need to choose Testosterone hormone. Having this hormone helps you to increase your Testosterone hormone level which plays a vital role for men grow. You also get the benefit of red blood cell productions. More production of red blood helps you to circulate your oxygen as well as nutrients to all over your body, hence will also maximize your bone density and enhance your mass tissue.

The last one is a legendary steroid product, Methandrostenolone, or nowadays named as Dianabol. It was first produced in 1956, and commonly used by bodybuilders nowadays. An actor like Arnold Schwarzenegger used itin his body development. It has a form of oral tablet and injectable liquid, whereas the pink and blue tablets are more popular than others.

Precaution of side-effects

Consumption of any type of steroid is proven to have a side-effect to our body. In general, there are common side effects that you have to understand, such as hypertension and water retention. These effects caused by a condition where your body loses fat rapidly and hence loses its capability to store water in the fat and mass tissue. Other estrogenic effect related to the lower libido level might also happen, especially at the edge of the treatment cycle. And gynecomastia, a symptom of breast development and feminization, could affect your body. So to prevent those side-effects, it is advised to use an aromatase inhibitor at the end of testosterone program.

An inhibitor, called protection, such as Nolvadex is safe to use for anti-estrogen. It works by blocking the estrogen in order to start the production of testosterone in the testicles. On top of that, this could help you to prevent Gynecomastia and feminization.