Bioactive+  Cbd

To aid the bioavailability the product is infused with active ingredients and nootropic compounds. This helps the body to absorb more and more cannabinoids. HydroCBD is one among the extract which is made of all natural nootropic formulation. That is why it is top among the sources which ensure maximum availability if cannabinoids. Along with this, this cbd is also organic, GMO free, and even vegan. Though the cannabis has various extract by products right from the seeds to the plant itself and used for many purposes such as textiles and for building materials. The seed extract is specifically very useful and healthy.

HydroCBD is made of Dutch grown hemp. It is 100% organic. It is made by synergistically combining with a unique blend of terpenes, curcumin, and Echinacea. This formula is also known as BioActive+ formula. User can go for 10 milliliter bottle as well for ease of use. This contains 5% or 2.5% Cannabidiol.

Bioavtive+  Cbd

How it is made?

This extra is cultivated from Hemp which is Dutch grown and 100% organic. It is combined with Curcumin, unique combination of terpenes, and with Echinacea synergisticalley which is nothing but a BioActive+ formula.

The regular CBD is nothing but a paste. But the new version which is released at 2.5% is made up of pure cbd crystals. That is why the solution is thinner and comfortable to use as spray. Along with this, new bottles available also have spray tops. One bottle delivers 2.5 mg CBD and it is enough for 100 sprays.

The water soluble CBD is easily used and absorbed and is sweet/tangy. The ingredients used to make this have strong medical benefits. They are anti inflammatory, anti oxidants, neuro protectants as well. Some of the ingredients also work as cognitive enhancers, anxiolytics, and even antibiotics.


Among the naturally found phytocannabinoids from cannabis plant, cannabidiol is of very important. This does not give any direct or high euphoria like THC. But great thing is it comes with lot of medical and beneficial effects. It exhibits many effects which are found to be of therapeutic use. Some of the great properties exhibited by this compound are anti anxiety, anti psychotic, anti tumor, analgesic, anti – inflammatory, neuroprotective, antioxidant, anti- emetic, and even anti- seizure.

  • Having anti nausea properties, it can reduce vomiting and nausea. This helps AIDS patients and people who are under treatment for chemotherapy.
  • Since it is anticonvulsant, it helps in suppressing seizure activity. This helps in treatment of epilepsy.
  • Since it is anti psychotic, it helps to combats psychosis issues. That is why it is very useful in treating many psychotic symptoms like schizophrenia.
  • Since it is anti inflammatory, it helps to combat inflammatory disorders. This helps in treating many neuroinflammatory disorders and multiple sclerosis.
  • Since it comes with anti oxidant properties, it is very helpful in neurodegenerative disorders. That is why it is of great use in treating parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease.
  • It helps to combat cancer and tumor cells.

Along with all these benefits it also helps in reducing depression and anxiety disorders since it is antixiolytic as well. It is very useful in treating sleep disorders.