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Crush Your Pain: 3 Safe Painkillers for Arthritic Patients

Feeling pain in the joints? Unable to perform daily activities? Don’t ignore. It may be arthritis. There is no permanent cure for arthritis. But starting treatment earlier can help patients in a great way. Arthritis can be diagnosed typically based on medical history and physical examination of affected patients.

Arthritis a health problem that accompanies aging. It is a rheumatic disease which is known for restricting movements of elderly people all over the world. Even though the above 60 age group is the most vulnerable, arthritis can attack people of all ages including children. It affects women more than men.

Crush Your Pain

Causes and treatment:

Causes of arthritis includes injuries, infections, hereditary factors etc. Families with a history of arthritis have more risk of inheriting the problem than others. Joint inflammation, joint stiffness and joint pain are the general symptoms of arthritis. There are many types in it. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid are most commonly found types among patients. The treatment for arthritis includes medication, physical therapy, healthy diet etc. Losing weight for about 10 to 15 pounds can help patients in a great deal by reducing the knee pain by half. Knee, elbow, hip replacements would help severe cases to gain mobility back. Few painkillers that can help you with arthritis.


Naproxen is popularly marketed as Naprosyn. It belongs to the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). It blocks enzymes, which cause inflammation and pain. It reduces pain, stiffness, inflammation and fever for arthritis patients. It is available as regular tablet in liquid forms. Like most of the medicines Naprosyn must be taken with food. It is important to visit the doctor frequently while taking Naprosyn. Avoid taking two doses of Naprosyn at once, even after missing a dose. This drug should not be given to children under the age of two. Older people may take reduced dose with doctor’s consent.

Naprosyn can cause side effects like kidney problems, liver problems, vision problems, internal bleedings etc., It could also incur blood clot, which could lead to heart attack. So it is better for heart patients to turn away from Naprosyn.


Generic Lyrica 150mg is used to treat arthritis patients with dysmenorrhea, fever etc. It is popularly marketed as Pregabalin. This drug also belongs to the category of NSAID. It should be taken with food. It has worked wonders for patients ailing with pain. Cycloxygenase is an enzyme that causes inflammation. Lyrica blocks both COX1 and COX2 types of enzymes. If it is taken in liquid form, it should be shaken well before measuring the dose. Lyrica must not be freezed. It is also available as chewable tablet, which should be chewed well before swallowing.

One should not exceed the intake of Lyrica than recommended by doctor. Don’t consume alcohol while taking Ibuprofen. Aspirin users must avoid taking Ibuprofen to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke etc., the long term side effects of Pregabalin include Headache, diarrhea, dizziness etc., it also has much serious side effects like chest pain, shortness of breath, blurred vision etc. The side effects must be properly reported to doctor, while taking Ibuprofen.


The Acetylsalicylic acid, popularly known as Aspirin, is the forerunner of anti-inflammatories. It is one of the most extensively researched drugs. It is commonly suggested for arthritis. There is a substance called prostaglandin in our body. It alerts the body about the disturbances in normal functioning by increasing the awareness of pain. Aspirin blocks the synthesis of this natural substance to suppress inflammation and pain. The problem with Aspirin is that its side effects outweigh its benefits. It is not advisable for older people to take Aspirin regularly. It could also cause stomach infection and bleeding. So Aspirin is slowly falling out favor around the world.


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