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Orthognathic surgery is also known as jaw surgery correct the improper jaw bones and jaw realign and teeth to develop the excellent way of work. The jaw surgery is the right option if you have any jaw issues can’t resolve by orthodontics. You have braces on the teeth prior the surgery and recovery after the treatment until the completion of alignment and healing duration. The professional orthodontist works carefully with the jaw, face and oral to determine the treatment plan. The jaw surgery is applicable after the growth stops about 14–16 years of age specifically for female candidates and 17–21 years of age for males. The jaw surgery is helpful to make chewing and biting improve overall. Those people who want this treatment why you are waiting for a visit now to know the list of benefits.

  • It corrects the problems with speech or swallowing, breakdown and reduces excessive wear of the teeth.
  • Correct some of the facial imbalances include overbites, crossbites, small chins and underbites.
  • Repair the birth defects or facial injury.
  • Relief pain (TMJ) Temporomandibular Joint disorder and various jaw issues.
  • Relieve for obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Give the comfort to close lips fully.

A process of jaw surgery:-

Teeth And Gorgeous Smile

The orthodontist may put the braces on the teeth prior engage in the surgery procedure. The braces may usually take 12-18 months prior ready for the surgery and align the teeth properly to the surgery preparation. The maxillofacial surgeon, oral and orthodontist work well to improve the treatment plan. The teeth models, x-rays, and pictures are useful for planning for the jaw surgery and take a look at the difference teeth fit need teeth cover by crowns, reshape the teeth or together for complete correction. The three dimensional CT scanning, temporary orthodontic anchoring equipment and latest computer-guided technology planning useful for the teeth movement and reduce the braces-wearing duration. These efforts reduce completely the jaw surgery treatment. (VSP) Virtual Surgical Planning is to guide the surgeon comfort and align the jaw segment in the right position in the treatment for optimal result.

Reliable jaw surgery:-

It gives the chance for you to get the best treatment for various issues in the teeth. The jaw surgery performed by the maxillofacial and oral surgeons. The surgery is done in the general anesthesia. In addition to, the surgery needs to stay about 2-4 days in the hospital. The surgery performed in the mouth and no any facial scars display on the chin, mouth or jaw. The small incisions required outside of the mouth. The surgeon makes the cuts in the jawbones as well make a movement for the tooth correct position. Once, the process finished the screws, rubber bands, wires and bone plates utilized to secure the jaw bones for proper position. The screws are smaller while it compared to bracket utilized for braces incorporated into the bone structure. The upper jaw surgery may perform to properly correct the crossbite, open bite, significantly recede or protrude the upper jaw. Make your appearance newer and give surprise to everyone with the best orthognathic surgery.

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