How To Keep Fit When Injured

A sprained ankle, a bad knee, a bruised hand—even the smallest of injuries can be a huge obstacle when it comes to getting fit. This is because sustaining an injury almost always results in weeks needing to be taken away from training, and devoted to rest instead. When this situation arises fitness levels soon begin to drop, and before you know it all the hard work that you put into training has near enough vanished completely. This is by far the biggest reason why people who love to train and workout hate injuries so much.

However, when an injury is sustained, there are plenty of things that can be done in order to maintain fitness levels, meaning that it is possible to keep fit whilst injured.

Read on to discover how to maintain fitness whilst injured.

How To Keep Fit When Injured

Focus On Areas That Aren’t InjuredUsually injuries only affect one specific area, meaning that the rest of the body can still be used as normal. If this is the case, and you wish to maintain fitness levels then you should focus on these other areas instead of on the injured area. This will allow your injured body part to rest and repair quickly, whilst allowing you to remain as fit as possible. If you know that a certain body part is lagging behind the others, then having an injury is a great opportunity to focus on this area more and build it up.

Find Alternative ExercisesThere are thousands of exercises to choose from for each different body part. So when you are injured it isn’t difficult to find alternative exercises that won’t place strain on, and risk further injury to, the body part that you have injured. For example, if you have a bad knee it is best to avoid things such as running on a treadmill, which puts a lot of strain on your knees, and instead replace it by using one of the exercise bikes at your gym instead. No matter what your injury is, and what it prevents you from doing, you will nearly always be able to find an alternative exercise that does exactly the same job.

Eat WellEating well is even more important to do when you are suffering from an injury. Mainly because eating the right types of food can help you to overcome your injury faster, meaning that you can go back to your old training regime much sooner than you originally thought. But eating well is also important for maintaining a good metabolism, which is something which usually gets affected by injuries.

Stay MotivatedKeeping fit when you have an injury can get incredibly tough at times.

So tough that sometimes it may seem as though quitting, and giving up, is the better option. But when you start feeling this way, you should do something to motivate yourself. Speaking with a close friend or training partner, watching a motivational speech, or listening to some motivational music are all fantastic ways of doing this.

This is a guest post by Marianne Ross, a freelance writer on health topics. You can read her articles on various sites.