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Know More about Using Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetic peptide used clinically for breathing disorders. It functions to relieve congestion and also acts a bronchodilator. It is marketed as the chloride salt. Patients suffering from asthma use this particular drug to breathe easily. Besides, Clenbuterol is a fat burner and also a muscle preserving agent. This function of the drug has been identified long time ago and was used to increase the weight of stocks. Today, Clenbuterol function for losing weight while maintaining muscle mass have been identified for human use as well. This has made the drug very popular among the bodybuilders and athletes.

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Clen is used in defined patterns

Just like any other medicine, Clenbuterol has to be taken in defined dosage and cycles. The dosage and cycle pattern varies from person to person depending on the metabolic efficiency and the tolerance. Many websites selling the drug give detailed information regarding the cycle. Some bodybuilders have even shared their Clen competition cycle guide for the fellow users to benefit from the same. This helps prevent the trial and error method. However, it is best that one consults their doctor before starting the treatment.

Types of Clen cycle

There are various names given to the cycles depending upon the pattern. The more uncommon type is a burst cycle. It involves the intake of a high dose of Clen for 2 days followed by a gap of 2days and is continued again with another hiked dosage in a similar pattern. This sometimes can be detrimental for people who have no previous exposure to steroid use. The metabolic function is affected and the actual benefit might be lost in the process. Another type of cycle is called the common cycle. The person takes steady dosage for a week followed by a week’s break in which the body gets acclimatized to the drug. An increased dose is taken in the following week after a gap and the process goes on.

Increment cycle starts with very low doses for the first few weeks without a break. The dose is slowly increased over a period of time. The absence of gap does not do any harm because the dosage is kept minimal in the beginning such that the body gets tailored to the drug use. Both increment and common cycle give the body ample amount of time to expel the toxic substances from the body. Unlike the burst cycle the system does not get loaded with Clen and therefore no much harm is caused to the body. Some bodybuilders use specifically designed cycles when they are getting ready for competitions. Such competition cycles can fall under any of the three categories depending on the desired results.

Know the side-effects

There is no decisive list of ill-effects associated with Clen use. Clen competition cycle guide has gained much fame over time but does not tell the user about the linked side-effects. Some people might not experience any hazards resulting from the drug while some others may be severely affected by the same. Most commonly the users experience headaches, muscle cramps, nervousness and increased blood pressure.