Practical Tips to Make Beef Jerky At Home

You love the taste of beef jerky, but you don’t know how to cook it? You find cooking a cumbersome task, but this article will tell about making tasty beef jerky. If you know how to prepare beef jerky at home, you will not have any reason to spend your hard earned money in purchasing different types of jerky. There are different types of flavors available online; you can opt for Golden Valley Jerky and try preparing the same at home.

One of the best things about making beef jerky at home is that you can give it exactly the same taste you like. You can also prepare different types of flavored beef jerky and it is also considered a great gift which you can give to your family and friends.

Make Beef Jerky At Home

Valuable Points

Whether you buy meat online or purchase it from your local meat shop, it is imperative to have the same thickness of meat throughout. If you have a mechanical slicer, then you can use it without, but most of us do not have one. In that case you can ask your local butcher to slice it for you. If you like the taste of beef jerky, then you can purchase a mechanical slicer in the future.

Suppose you have purchased the meat and now you want to slice it at home. You need to put it in the freezer for two hours before you slice it. This will make the slicing process easier for you.

Cut across the grain and this will give you a jerky which is easier to chew after the preparation is over. The standard thickness of beef jerky is a quarter of an inch.


A lot of people ask why to add more moisture when the making jerky process is all about removing the moisture. This is to bring in their knowledge that soy sauce, or any other sauce you like will not bring moisture only, it will add excellent flavor to it. You can also use some spices as flavoring agents.

There are different types of recipes available online which you can try at home, but it is advised to keep your seasoning as simple as possible. You can use fresh ground pepper, garlic powder and salt. If the smokehouse is not available you can use your oven to season beef jerky. The smokehouse will also add the dry smoke flavor to the jerky and many people love it. You can also use red pepper and turmeric in the preparation.

Making beef jerky like a pro is a wonderful idea, but you need to gather relevant information before you start the process. It is also advised to use some sodium nitrate in your beef jerky. This is available in the market with different names like InstaCure, Quick Cure and Speed Cure. After adding all these ingredients, freeze your meat for a day. In the beginning you may not have a smokehouse. You can start with your oven and set the temperature to 160° and leave the meat inside for approximately five hours. Do not forget to leave the oven door slightly ajar while cooking it. Check it after a couple of hours to find out everything is going in the right direction. It will turn dark brown when cooked.