Take a Look at these Benefits of a Vitamin Detox

As the body begins the process of detoxification, it can be painful. There can be some serious side effects that emerge as a result, which is why it is recommended that any detox be conducted under the supervision of trained medical staff. Regardless, much research has been conducted in recent years about the effectiveness of vitamins during a detox from unhealthy habits, and it has been determined that their inclusion in the process can be very beneficial. Keep reading to learn more about vitamin detox and what it can do for you.

Benefits of a Vitamin Detox


When you abuse your body with food and other substances, many of the soluble vitamins in your body are depleted along with it. This means that your immune system and its ability to fight off diseases is compromised. As you begin a detox, it is time to start infusing those needed vitamins back into your bloodstream once again. Taking a healthy dose of multivitamins will help you to naturally restore the level of vitamins that your body needs on a daily basis. Keep in mind that a vitamin deficiency can lead to feelings of lethargy, irritate your skin, cause memory loss, and even lead to depression. These are all likely to occur in the early stages of a detox if you do not replace the vitamins as soon as possible. To better manage your weight, you may also want to shop for fat burners.

Vitamin C

The more your body becomes used to unhealthy habits, the more it becomes depleted of needed vitamin C. During a detox, it is recommended that you take extra doses of vitamin C in order to support your immune system. As an added benefit, vitamin C has been shown to reduces levels of stress that is thrust on your body during the stages of withdrawal that occur during a detox.

B Vitamins

It is quite likely that the level of B vitamins in your body are severely depleted. This includes thiamine (B1), niacin (B3), and pantothenic acid (B5). Each of these B vitamins play a vital role in taking the sugar in your body and turning it into energy. Vitamins B6 and B12 will help produce blood cells in your body, in addition to maintaining the healthy state of your nervous system. You will also want to take B8 and B9 vitamins during a detox in order to help with sudden changes that will occur in your digestive track. You will want to take B vitamins to help cleanse your body of the toxins resulting from years of substance abuse. This is particularly true of niacin supplements.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that your body needs to help reduce any damage caused by chemicals and oxidative stress. Vitamin E will also help to bring back the proper functioning for the blood cells in your body, and it will begin to help repair skin damage that might have occurred as a result of unhealthy habits over the years.

These are just a few of many vitamins and minerals that can be of benefit to you during a detox. Remember that this is a natural way to give back something positive to your body after years of abuse. It is also a great start on the journey to recovery, so do your best to make this the start of a newer and healthier you.