The Stanozolol Side Effects You Should Know About

If you want to derive full benefits from a steroid, you should take up a study about it, know the ingredients, the purpose, the dosage, the cycle and of course, about the side effects as well. When it comes to Stanozolol, you need to completely study the side effects before you begin on its cycle. All steroids come up with some or the other side effects, some mild and some harmful, so does Stanozolol. One thing to know about it is that it is fairly mild and that is why, there isn’t much to worry about. Because of its mild properties, the side effects are not that noticeable.

Stanozolol Side Effects

The side effects of Stanozolol

One of the adverse effects of Stanozolol is on cholesterol levels. It can bring down LDL and HDL levels. Hence those who are taking medications for cholesterol issues should not take Stanozolol. And whoever is using the steroid should also take a nutritious diet and which is cholesterol-friendly. A diet rich in fatty acids can help in cholesterol problems. Make such a healthy diet a part of your regimen and your cholesterol levels will remain normal.

Side effects observed in men

One of the main side effects experienced by men on using Stanozolol is that the natural levels of testosterone will be suppressed. This is true with almost all types of anabolic steroids. In some, the suppression may be higher and in some, lower. So, when one is into Stanozolol cycle, the testosterone levels will be found much below than the normal level. There is another effect of lower testosterone and that is, sperm levels can drop and it can also lead to reduce in sex drive.

There is a solution for this though and that is, to take testosterone pills along with Stanozolol so that the normal levels of testosterone is maintained.

Liver toxicity is another side effect with Stanozolol. The steroid, Stanozolol in any form can be disadvantageous to liver health. But again, it also depends on the overall health of the liver, the dosage of Stanozolol, etc. But at the same time, liver is such an organ that has amazing power to regain its health and vitality. Thus, once the Stanozolol cycle is stopped, its effect on liver also stops and liver regains its normalcy Check out more infor.

Side effects experienced by women

In women, high virility is a side effect, which if ignored can be harmful. High virilisation means appearance of masculine characteristics. There may be excessive hair growth, vocal chords may intensify and clitoris may enlarge. Those who take other supplements with Stanozolol need not worry. Taking low doses of the steroid is another option. The cholesterol and liver side effects are the same as observed in men.

The side effects can be prevented and minimized if Stanozolol is taken responsibly and carefully with caution. That means, if you adhere to the instructions and follow the dosage that has been recommended, the side effects can be prevented or at least will be milder. Most of the side effects go away once the cycle is discontinued.