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Ultimate Guide on Preventing Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) is a type of infection that is caused due to the transmitting of certain STD causing micro-organism during a sexual activity with another person. Often people don’t give much importance to their sexual health and hence become more vulnerable to getting affected with these kind of diseases. One of the best prevention from STD is to abstain from any sexual contact with people who are more susceptible to these kind of diseases. But if it is inevitable, it is always safe to use latex condoms during the sexual activity.

Generally condoms are to be used during the entire sexual activity as even a common skin-to-skin contact can potentially transmit the disease. It is also better to avoid any kind of sexual act with people showing any kind of basic symptom including rashes, sores, colored discharge or any other kind of symptoms. Make sure to use water-based lubricants, in case if you are using any during your sexual activity. Even though condoms are not 100% effective to protect against STD, it is extremely helpful if handled properly.

Preventing Sexually Transmitted Disease

Best way to Prevent STDs:

  • Don’t share towels or underclothes with your partner
  • Make sure to wash your genitals properly after intercourse
  • Avoid excess alcohol before sex as it could lead to unsafe sex
  • Try to get vaccinated for Hepatitis B
  • Use condoms in the right way and throughout the sexual activity
  • Avoid having sex with people more susceptible to get these kind of diseases
  • Take regular STD check-ups
  • Whenever having sex with new partners, consider using condoms
  • Talk to your partner about the importance of sexual health and get both of you tested

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