Usage and Dosage of Clenmax

If improvement in muscle mass is your objective, then look no further for Clenmax is here. It is used in cases where a person wants to generate powerful muscles through aggressive work out to release the fat with no negotiation in functioning of muscles. It functions in a way which gives it effects similar to that of adrenaline and also increases body temperature, thus encouraging the body to burn stored fat. In general Clenmax is used for weight loss or to improve muscle development and athletic performance. It is commonly used by bodybuilders particularly right before a competition to reduce fat without affecting muscle volume. It is not advisable to use Clenmax for durations longer than two weeks at a time as it tends to lose its benefits over time. For users who are considering use of Clenmax, dosage and usage instructions from experts should be strictly adhered to.

Dosage of Clenmax

Most common dosages and practices for use of Clenmax are from the bodybuilding community. Suggestions include a dosage of 20mcg per day for males and 10mcg for females. Clenmax can be easily utilized for weight loss in the range of six to 10 pounds without affecting muscle mass; again, no clinical trials support this however. It is also known to suppress appetite. Even though very few trials have been done on humans, trials in horses show significant reduction in body fat percentage. Expert suggestions on usage of this drug propose to start at the minimum dosage and increase slowly, and women should take less than men. It is should strictly be taken note that the use cycle does not continue for more than two weeks. There is a risk of long-term side effects and a tendency for the user’s body to become resistant to the drug over time. It can be legally purchased at pharmacy counters with a proper prescription in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom. In the United States, it is not approved by the FDA, but is legal to possess. As it is not prescribed for asthma or other breathing difficulties in the US, purchase of Clenmax tablets is prohibited. The arrival of online stores has made it easily available. Care should be taken to check the authenticity of the purchased drugs. This is because a variety of products with very adverse side effects are known to be sold in the black market. It could be contaminated or inaccurate in its dosage. In case you notice any discomfort or abnormality, consult with a doctor and share your symptoms immediately. Timely intervention and stoppage could limit any possible side effects. Consulting with other body builders through online forums where reviews are posted can be of great help as you will be able to come across users similar to your body type and requirements and learn from their experience. There is no doubt in the fitness community as to Clenmax being one of the best options available for all those who are aiming at weight loss and gaining a slim physique.