What Is Ambience And How Does It Affect Relaxation

Ambiences is an important factor that will let your clients determine if they would want to visit your Bugis spa again. Creating a great ambience in a spa will help cater to the needs of your clients. It should be relaxing and, at all times, avoid stressing your clients. Many clients look forward to a relaxing time at the spa and just one mistake can make them lose their interest in coming back to the spa.

The ambience of a spa should help in making your clients more relaxed and it should channel their mood for the therapy. From the moment clients enter the spa, channeling their mood should already start until they finally leave. Let us look into how a good ambience is created and how does it affect relaxation:

Affect Relaxation

Create A Well-Lighted Space, Natural Or Not

It would be a plus if your spa is located where there is more access to natural light. But if the location is close to traffic and the busy world outside, then you have to create a room that will look as naturally lighted as it can be. The color should blend well with the place. Avoid colors that tend to make people feel bad. Blue and green reflections on your clients after a facial might make your client feel bad about it just because of the hue of light. Chances are, you will lose your client. Also, you should always have a way to turn the lights down or completely off because some clients want it to be dark when getting a massage or other services.

The Scent Of The Environment Should Be Invigorating

The scent of the place is very important. It makes you remember a memory once you smell that scent. Not all people like a certain smell so you need to make it mild and have sections which will have different scents. These scents should create a memory of relaxation for your clients. The moment they would smell the scent, they would think of going back to your spa. The scent can already be therapeutic. It helps calm one’s mind.

Color Combination Plays A Big Part In Creating Good Ambience

Color combination is important since it creates a blend of emotions. There are colors that can trigger stress and colors that can be more calming. The blend of colors should be just right and it shouldn’t hurt the eye. Natural colors, such as brown or peach, can be friendly to the eyes. Colors such as red and bright orange can channel a different energy. Do not use unhealthy colors that will reflect an unhealthy color to the skin, such as yellowish hues. Colors have their own specific energy. This energy will create an ambience that will help people relax.

Using Natural Versus Synthetic Decorations

Using natural decorations is much better than synthetic. Decorations such as plants and flowers shouldn’t be plastic. Natural ones can create a better ambience for your clients. They would feel calmer if what they can see and feel in the spa is all natural.

Relaxing Music

Music in the place should not be too loud. Nature sounds can be an example of calming music. You can create four sections that will have different music playing. The reception and public areas should have its own music, therapy rooms could have the option of what the client wants but it should still be soft and calm.


The temperature should be just right. It shouldn’t feel very cold and very hot. Temperature can affect the mood of your clients. If they feel too hot or too cold, it will be uncomfortable for them. You have to make sure that the temperature will allow them to relax and have peace of mind. Their mind shouldn’t be worrying about how they feel because it will just stress them out. They should only have one thing on their mind, and that is to de-stress. In the therapy rooms, they should have an option whether they want the place to be cooler or a bit warm. Each person has different perspectives of what relaxing is and as a Bugis spa, you should have the ability to give this to them.

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