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What Is Sensory Deprivation? How Do Sensory Deprivation Floatation Tanks Work?

Sensory Deprivation

So, what is sensory deprivation? Sensory Deprivation is a process where a person is deprived of all its senses for an extended period. This helps in ailing problems like anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and enhance person problem-solving skills. It helps you to perform and concentrate better.

The Process

Sensory Deprivation Floatation Tanks Work

Under this therapy, the person is deprived of any inputs to any of its senses, including sight and touch. These are available at spas and with some doctors. There are large tanks which could accommodate one full human. The person would float in salty water in this tank for hours, receiving almost no sensory information at all.

Short sessions of this therapy help a person to relax as you are left with nothing but just your mind. You think about all your life events and worries, and slowly, the mind rests. You are relieved of your worldly stress. The people have often reported having amazing hallucinations while undergoing sensory deprivation.

The Flotation Tank

The modern-day flotation Tank for sensory deprivation therapy is soundproof tanks which are filled with concentrated Epsom salt content which enables one to float.

The person needs to remove all clothes and shower before entering it. There is absolute darkness once you have entered the tank. You will not be able to tell the difference in the environment with either your eyes closed or open. Also, the environment is made soundproof, so that you do not hear anything at all.

After about fifteen minutes in this tank, your brain starts to shut down, and you realize amazing hallucination effects. This long period of nothingness leaves your brain relaxed and energized. You can be more creative and chilled out.

Flotation Tank

The Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

There are various benefits reported by people and scientists of this therapy. Some of them are:

  • Lessening Anxiety – The therapy helps to relax brain as it isolated you from the recurring stress and helped you regain control over it. It helps remove all the triggers that induce anxiety into your behavior and helps you re-access your state and your response to it.
  • Stress Relief – The extended period of nothingness during the therapy, helps your brain to relax. The stress relieving chemical doesn’t need to be activated for an extended period. There is a trail of thoughts for first few minutes however after some time; everything seems to ease. You don’t have any more things to think of or worry about. This gives your brain a chance to rest. This phenomenon also happens when you sleep but for a very short while which might not be enough for your brain to relieve stress completely.
  • Reduced Pain – Sensory Deprivation is said also to help relieve long lasting chronic pains due to the isolation of touch as a sense.
  • Easing of Insomnia – It relaxes the brain and rests it and hence helps in reducing the impact of insomnia.
  • Enhanced Creativity – This therapy is known to have enhanced the creativity of your brain. Especially musicians can create better music after undergoing this therapy.

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