Your Fat-Burning Partner

Fats are what most people are trying so hard to get rid of and dietary supplements are no help since most of it doesn’t even work. In bodybuilding, aside from the fact that you need to have massive gains, you also need to make sure that these are well-defined. Who wants to look at puffy muscles? No one. This is the reason why bodybuilders are trying so hard to look for a very effective weight-loss and a fat reducing drug which is totally worth the risk. If you are thinking about using some cutting steroid, others would still say that these are not enough even though the results that they give are already OK.

One of the most sought-after drugs which can aid in losing weight and diminishing excess fat is called Clenbuterol. Even if it’s very effective, there are certain factors that one needs to keep in mind in order for you to truly understand how and why it works that way. Clen is no ordinary weight loss pill that you can just take and wait for how many days to see the results. You need to consider como consumir clembuterol pastillas in order for you to stay on the safe side.

Fat-Burning Partner

You need to consider your body

When taking clenbuterol pills, there are necessary facts that you need to know. Both men and women can use this in order for them to get rid of unwanted fats. Another is that one body is different from another so you need to start from the bottom and work your way up once your body has adapted to it, which basically means that an increase in dosage is necessary. You can only increase your dose depending on the manner of your cycle plan but there is a safe or standard dose that everybody starts from.

Clen for Beginners

The right dosage that men should take is 40mcg per day, while women should take half which is 20 mcg since females are more sensitive to hard drugs. It’s only natural that you take the lowest dosage since it’s your first time and jumping to a higher dose might shock your body and the effects are not something that you would want. You need to remember as a newbie that you must take clen early in the morning or before working out because taking it at night can cause sleeping difficulties or insomnia. After finding out that you can tolerate the given dose which usually takes 3-4 days for your body to adapt, you can increase it by 20 mcg.

The maximum but safe dosage for both men and women

The highest dosage men could take while making sure that they won’t suffer from the many side effects is 140 mcg. On the other hand, women can take up to 100 mcg. It’s possible that women can also take up to 140 mcg but they rarely need it and this dosage can already be hard to them. Take note that taking more than 140 mcg can result in serious side effects like cardiac hypertrophy which is the enlargement of the ventricles that can cause stress in the heart.

Clenbuterol is relatively safe and very effective at the same time. But abusing it may cause unwanted side effects which are sometimes irreversible.  Its better that you stay on the safe side of things and just go with the flow.

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